View Full Version : Please help to ID Cabinet Photo

06-09-2007, 06:10 PM
Posted By: <b>David Davis</b><p>Hi,<br />Here is a 10" x 14" cabinet photo of a baseball team. The signed name on the bottom is Griffith Stanberry Mo. I could not find any reference to this photographer on the 'net. Does anyone recognize the uniforms, or have any other input regarding this photo? Any help is appreciated.<br /><br />David<br /><br /><img src=http://www.scauctions.org/p-1.jpg>

06-10-2007, 05:14 PM
Posted By: <b>ramram</b><p>I can make out the script "S" on some of the jerseys but what is the other script letter on the other jerseys? It's not a "G" is it?<br /><br />Rob M.

06-10-2007, 06:35 PM
Posted By: <b>barrysloate</b><p>It's signed Griffith Stanberry so it probably is a "G"