View Full Version : O.J. Update - Justice After All

02-24-2004, 08:32 AM
Posted By: <b>petecld&nbsp; </b><p>Well, I see a little justice is being served afterall. <BR><BR><a href="http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/story.jsp?floc=FF-APO-1110&idq=/ff/story/0001%2F20040222%2F2027685256.htm&sc=1110" target=_new>http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/story.jsp?floc=FF-APO-1110&idq=/ff/story/0001%2F20040222%2F2027685256.htm&sc=1110</a><BR><BR>SCD accepted an ad for this private signing. It would be nice if SCD would think twice about taking these types of ads but I guess if the check clears...