View Full Version : I find the whole Dr. Koos thing peculiar

08-02-2002, 04:30 PM
Posted By: <b>nolemmings (Todd)</b><p>but peculiar is one of the spices of life.<BR>Dr. Koos has stated all would be told following<BR>the auction’s conclusion, so I for one eagerly await that explanation. Koos certainly is caustic in<BR>his remarks, but that just means I’d be careful as to what kind of party I would invite him to<BR>attend (poker-yes; daughter’s high school graduation–probably not). <BR>Seems to me everyone has formed his/her own opinions on this topic, which are not likely to<BR>change. These opinions have been stated and restated to death, and I personally have not taken<BR>anything of value out of the various Koos threads since reading the Dr.’s wonderful malapropism<BR>“myopically deaf”. Debate is a wonderful thing, but how ‘bout we put the gloves down at least<BR>until the ‘52 Mantle auction is over.<BR>Regards....................Todd