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12-10-2001, 08:48 PM
Posted By: <b>Elliot&nbsp; </b><p>Is it just me? Something smells fishy about this seller? Private auctions, all of his buys have been for extremely low priced items (none pre-war) and now all of a sudden he is selling a lot of high priced cards.

12-11-2001, 07:03 AM
Posted By: <b>leon</b><p>He looks like he is possibly buying and selling cards for a profit. Just my guess but since most, but not all of, his auctions were newer ones he might just be doing it to make a buck. Private auctions are not so bad once you think about it. SCgaynor does pretty good with them and gives very compelling reasons for doing them. Not sure I like them but who cares what I think? best regards all....

12-15-2001, 03:16 PM
Posted By: <b>Lee Behrens</b><p>The card is upi for auction again with no private auction. The scan looks suspect to me. Here's everyone's chance to bid.<BR><BR>Lee

12-15-2001, 07:34 PM
Posted By: <b>Elliot</b><p>All of his auctions still look like they are private. Lee, Am I missing something?

12-16-2001, 10:46 AM
Posted By: <b>Lee Behrens</b><p>When the T205 Cob was first listed I could have swore the card was on an open auction. Sorry for getting anyone excited.<BR><BR>