View Full Version : T3 Turkey Red Back question.

11-30-2001, 04:06 PM
Posted By: <b>Trevor Hocking</b><p>I know that there are a few back variations in the T3 set, Turkey Red Ad back, 3 different checklist varieties with coupon redemption paragraph at the bottom, and then there's the checklist back with no bottom paragraph. So the question is which one is the rarer, also does anyone know the premiums associated with the rarer ones. Further more does the same back rarity combo apply to the boxers as well? Thanks for your help in advance.<BR>Happy Collecting!<BR>Trevor Hocking (snider4prez)<BR>trevor@dlhstudios.com <img src="http://www.network54.com/Realm/tmp/1007157834.JPG">