View Full Version : I'm Intersted Vintage Pirates T's - G's &T's

11-21-2001, 09:57 PM
Posted By: <b>Cesare4u</b><p>Ok I'll explain the title; Tobacco, Goudy & Topps and alot in-between.<BR><BR>What do I have to trade you ask...well, I understand the focus of the group and in that area I really only have 2 Tobacco cards that are nice examples. I use the scanner well and will gladly scan any cards (e-mail friendly). <BR><BR>Now onto a few other things I've got to trade.......<BR><BR>Billy Williams RC Graded SGC 80 EX/Mt 6<BR>2001 Donruss Significant Signatures Billy Williams<BR><BR>1954 Topps Eddie Mathews PSA 8(oc)<BR>1999 UD Legendary Epic Signature Eddie Mathews<BR>2000 UD Legendary Jersey Eddie Mathews<BR><BR>1968 Rookie Stars Johnny Bench NrMt<BR><BR>I've got other's as well...<BR>Sorry no 19th Century items....lol...but i enjoy the read...Lot's of good stuff goes on here.....<BR><BR>Alright I guess I'm done what I've listed above is just an example ..and oh yea.. T206 Barbeau, St. Louis Nat'l /Polar Bear and Anderson, Providence/Piedmont<BR><BR>Thanks for the time<BR>Robert<BR>