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11-13-2001, 01:41 AM
Posted By: <b>Tim</b><p>Hi-- I thought I'd start a new message thread so more people might see this.<BR><BR>I'm polling as many collectors of M101-4 and M101-5 as I can, in order to create a population report on the backs, as well as compiling whatever other unusual features of the sets I can discover. <BR><BR>A simple questionnaire follows. Basically it asks for how many cards you have from these sets total, and what the distribution of backs is.<BR><BR>If you have cards from these sets, I invite you to participate in the survey by filling out the questionnaire, or by writing to me. <BR><BR>As this project develops Iíll be happy to share the results with you. This is not meant to make any money, just to have some fun with great old cards. Thanks in advance for your help!<BR><BR>Tim Newcomb<BR><BR><BR><BR>M101-4/5 Questionnaire <BR><BR>1. How many cards do you have in M101-4/5 total, including all backs?<BR><BR>2. Please list the names, numbers, and backs you have (donít worry about the year, Iíll deal with that, but please do list both name and number).<BR><BR>EXAMPLE:<BR><BR>#4 Alexander, Gimbelís<BR>#51 Doolan, Successful Farming <BR>#97 Lavan, blank <BR>#126 Morton, Famous and Barr<BR>#133 O'Mara, Standard Biscuit <BR><BR><BR>Here are the back choices Iím aware ofĖ if you have another back not listed here, give me a shout<BR>Blank back <BR>Altoona Tribune <BR>Baycrus Brewing (uncut sheet only)<BR>Block & Kuhl <BR>Burgess-Nash Clothiers <BR>Everybodyís <BR>Famous & Barr <BR>Gimbelís <BR>Globe Clothing <BR>Green/ Joyce <BR>Herpolshimerís <BR>Holmes to Home Bread <BR>Indianapolis Brewing <BR>Mall Theater <BR>Morehouse Baking <BR>Sporting News <BR>Standard Biscuit <BR>Successful Farming <BR>Wareís Basement <BR>Weil Baking <BR><BR>3. Any other information you have on the set: impressions about scarcities or curiosities in individual cards (for example, Iíve seen 3 copies of the George Gibson card and they all have the same printing flaw that erases most of his first name), etc.<BR><BR>PS: If you have any extra M101s for sale or trade (any backs), I'd be quite interested. <BR>