View Full Version : What the heck happened with abouttime auctions?

10-15-2001, 01:26 PM
Posted By: <b>TBob</b><p>I am thoroughly confused and disappointed wuth the abouttime auctions which ended this weekend. I was high bidder on one of the Lots on Thursday night when I saw it had been extended until Friday night. Then on Saturday, I visited the website and saw I was still high bidder but the auction was now ending on Sunday night and it showed the counter counting down the days and minutes. I emailed Jerry Smolin but never received a reply. When I went to the website Sunday it showed that the Lot closed without a bid (I had bid $799). I again emailed Jerry but again received no repsonse.<BR>I have bought cards in the past from Jerry Smolin and have always been satisfied and happy but this was without the least professional and most poorly run auction I have ever been involved with. I STILL don't know if I won the lot and it is Monday afternoon. I don't know if the website was just haywire or what. Does anyone have a clue? One other poster on this board was having similar trouble with the Nadja lot and he DID reveive an email on Saturday morning telling him not to worry, he had won it. The website on Sunday reflected the auction was not yet closed but there were no bids on the Nadja lot. The website also used a new banner at the top starting Saturday advising bidders not to use the web page to bid with.<BR>Thoroughly confused...I'll just have to wait for the snail mail and see if I won the Lowdermilk T207.<BR>Bob

10-15-2001, 01:30 PM
Posted By: <b>TBob</b><p>I just ready Jay's post below about the web site problems which partially explains some of the foulups. It would be nice to know if a guy was outbid though...