View Full Version : Vintage Cards for Sale-Piedmontcigs on ebay

10-07-2001, 12:51 PM
Posted By: <b>David Watkins</b><p>If you are interested, I have for sale:<BR>E95 Bender SGC60<BR>E93 Evers SGC50<BR>M116 BenderSGC60<BR>E92 Bender Cocoa SGC60<BR>E92 Murphy Cocoa Fair<BR>E92 Chance Cocoa EX<BR>E92 Jennings Cocoa Vg-EX<BR>E92 Schlei Cocoa Vg with paper missing on back<BR>E92 Lajoie Nadja Fair<BR>E103 Matty VG+<BR>E103 Bresnahan VG<BR>Scans available of all Cards, I will list on ebay if no interest <BR>Thanks<BR>David Watkins<BR>email jdsniktaw@msn.com <BR>