View Full Version : T204 Square Variations

09-24-2001, 10:28 PM
Posted By: <b>Marc S.</b><p>Any thoughts/comments/ideas/values on the T204 Square Variation PSA-graded set available in the upcoming About Time auction? I would be very interested to hear some hobby insight...

09-24-2001, 11:14 PM
Posted By: <b>Kevin Cummings</b><p>Scott used to post on the old Full Count board. I don't know if he's made his way to either of the new ones yet.<BR><BR>Maybe you should drop him a line.

09-26-2001, 09:42 AM
Posted By: <b>HalleyGator</b><p>Scott was kind enough to talk to me about the square T204's, since he knows that I need a Burkett card. He knows how much the guy paid for the set (a lot), and he suspects that they will go for even more than that this time. My guess after talking to Scott is that it might take $20k to get the lot. Thus, I am going to just wait for a regular oval framed Burkett.

09-30-2001, 08:01 PM
Posted By: <b>scott brockelman</b><p>while exceedingly rare, the ramly square frames are somewhat of an anomaly to many collectors, much like a type II e107, very rare and neat, but not heavily sought after, as most feel they are not needed to "complete" the set. actually only a select few are probably "chasing" this lot and will overpay regardless of actual value. <BR><BR>but wait, there's more !, sounds like a ginsu knife commercial!, this may well not be a "complete" square frame set as it is very likely 4 more cards come in this format, george howard(rumored to exist), tim murnane(murname), thomas jones and perhaps eddie collins(the least likely to exist). these all have one of the same characteristic's of the known variations, first name and/or intial's, also if you ever find a blank backed version of these players, that is secondary proof and thirdly the square frame format players are commonly found with the elusive TTT back. and murnane/murname & jones are more often than not found with the TTT backs.<BR><BR>the john anderson card that i initially purchased on ebay and have since resold, after picking up a nicer one, had all of these destinct characteristics. <BR><BR>happy hunting, and if anyone finds any of these elusive rarities, PLEASE offer them to me first for a handsome payout in cash money!<BR><BR>until a year ago when i bought the anderson square it was uncatalogued, as are the above, but i sincerely believe they exist. <BR><BR>scott