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09-15-2001, 06:15 PM
Posted By: <b>Trevor (snider4prez)</b><p>Well I come from three generations of card collectors, and now with my 18 month old son, hopefully he will be the forth generation. In a family like mine it's hard not to love the game. Well the good thing about are family collection is that we don't have any horrible stories about grandmother, mom, or any other family member throwing away are old baseball cards. My family was always raised to take care of what you own and it will last a life time. So as you can imagine my Grandfather, Dad, and myself have a pretty amazing collection. I grew up with stories from my grandfather about going to the general store in LaKemp, Oklahoma and buying packs of Piedmont cigarettes for his father (To bad he didn't smoke DRUM!) and his father giving him the cards. Most of my childhood was filled with playing baseball, going to garage sales and card shows with my Grandfather and Father. After all the years we have only a few sets left to complete. Which leads me to the greatest find we have ever had. Actually the story begins back at the very place my Grandfather first started collecting, Booker Texas (The family migrated there in about 1918). It was our annual family reunion and all the town pretty much shows up. In a town of about 900 hundred people it's kind of hard not to miss it. Well I guess it would have been about ten years ago, we all piled in are cars and drove to Texas. When we all arrived at the reunion an old family friend came up to my Grandfather and I. He asked if we still collected those silly baseball cards. As you could imagine my Grandfather and I both said simultaneously (You Betcha!) The man persisted to say, "I have got a couple old cigar boxes with some old skinny cards that were my dads. Do you want them?) So we both answered "sure" (Very calm.). So about one hour later the man come back with, sure enough, two old cigar boxes in his hand. I don't think I had ever seen my Grandfather movie as quick as he did when he saw those boxes. I think we spent the entire reunion looking over those cards. All in all a total of 482 T206's, 128 T205's, and about 300 non-sports issues. My Grandfather offered the man a large amount of money for the cards. The man wouldn't hear no such thing. He said "Take them. I know you will enjoy them more than any one I know." Later that week my Grandfather slipped a large check in the mans mail box on are way out of town. All the cards were Piedmont. I guess that was all they smoked out there. There was 125 HOF'ers, 15 COBB's! Nothing to rare. That collection has helped the family cards to grow. That day was a lot more than just cards to me. That was the happiest time we have all had together. My Grandfather has pasted on now, but that day will be forever burned in my memory, and like him I hope to pass that story down from generation to generation. I hope we all remember that this is a hobby to bring people together.<BR>Happy Collecting!<BR>Trevor Hocking (snider4prez)

09-18-2001, 10:05 AM
Posted By: <b>mike mullins</b><p>not much else to say...it's the find everyone dreams about. cool to know that there's still stuff like that out there, even cooler to know that you got to do it with your family. let me know if you don't need all those extra cobbs...<BR><BR>mike