View Full Version : Identify a Pirate 1955-56

04-21-2019, 09:04 PM
Can anyone identify the unknown Pirate between Mejias and Skinner in this picture? Chatter on Facebook group saying Curt Roberts but there no way. Maybe a minor leaguer? Sorry if the front page is inappropriate.

04-21-2019, 09:48 PM
I can’t seem to find an image of him but you might try Domingo Rossello. He was part of the 1955 Pirates Spring training roster for a bit. He was a pitcher that never made the majors but put up respectable numbers for teams in the higher minor leagues. Again, I can’t seem to find any images of him and it may not be right but he was my first inclination. Another possible player is David Jimenez (Cuban pitcher), also can't find an image of him.

04-21-2019, 10:43 PM
You could write Mejias or Skinner as they still answer autograph requests.