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08-02-2018, 06:46 AM
Day 1 has a very nice flight in from JAX and met Spike G in baggage claim then Tyler picked us up and we went straight to the IX Center and the show. I was able to purchase a dealer badge from my dealer friend Eddie. So what I am saying is we arrived at 11AM for the 4PM sneak peek and we got right to work! Greeted many old friends both OBC/Net54 members and dealers too. It seemed I concentrated on non sports best find I think was 1953 Topps World on Wheels #92 there is an error mixing up HP and Wheelbase on the back. I havenít seen one of these cards in a couple years and I spy one in dealers binder priced $2. I check recheck and rerecheck my notes yes this is the error card! I pull the card turn the binder page guess what another #92 error card $2 which I pull and low and behold the next page same thing another #92 error card? Back at the hotel I confirm yes three error cards I havenít seen in years! Same dealer had 1959 Three Stooges cards with grey backs priced $2-$3 these are tougher than the cream colored backs and I bought all he had I think 25 cards all grey backs also completed my cream colored set with the one card I needed.
Many non sports cards to dig through. I did find one hit 1935 Goudey 4-in-one I only need six for the master set dealer just purchased this lot and let me thumb through them. He had two examples of one of the cards I needed in nice VG shape he asked me for an offer itís a common. My notes said I should pay $25 this is 20% book and I told the dealer this and I offered $20 which he took. Then all show I was kicking myself for not buying the other one cause itís a rare back common and I could prob flip it on eBay for a nice profit. I run into the dealers table again and there is the card now priced at $15 which I paid without negotiation lol!
This would be correct price but not including the tougher back but we will see how great a flipper I am.
Show ended at 8 Tyler Spike and I are tired and hungry and we still hadnít checked into our hotel. So we depart to check in, find some chow and back to room at 10pm.
It all begins again in 2.5 hours. I mostly saw every table and my feet still hurt of course great to see everyone again I think I spent $450 today well within budget as you know I am on a fixed income lol but yesterday was payday and I do have my PayPal acct available!

08-02-2018, 07:06 AM
Thanks for the report. It looks as if you had a great day! Good luck in the coming days.

08-04-2018, 08:40 AM

Thanks for the update. Wish I could have made it from Jax this year as well. Well, maybe next year hopefully. Keep the updates going!