View Full Version : Looking for anyone who lives near KC or Chicago

02-22-2018, 07:00 PM
Hi, I am a ticket collector and am in search of anyone who lives near Chicago (White Sox) or KC and could go to the stadium and purchase tickets for me. Preferably someone who doesn't have to go out of their way. I have done this with several people in other towns and it has worked out well. You can make a few bucks. Please contact me directly at mcgwire25@verizon.net

02-22-2018, 08:01 PM
This was moved from the correct spot in the watercooler section to the front page because the OP actually put it in the correct place and I want to reward that courtesy a little bit. That section doesn't get quite the views so moving it to the front page might help the cause. Good luck, Randall.

02-22-2018, 11:02 PM
I can help with White Sox tickets, work near G -Rate stadium. What are you looking for?

02-23-2018, 12:09 AM
I am in KC.

What are you looking for? If time permits, I will try to help.

02-23-2018, 09:51 PM
Thanks for the people who replied. I am working with a couple of people so far.