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Al C.risafulli
05-26-2016, 04:13 AM
Hi everyone:

Hope all is well.

Just leaving a quick post here in the memorabilia section to let everyone know that the Spring LOTG catalog auction is now open for bidding. The auction closes June 11, and catalogs mail on June 1.

Lots of great memorabilia in this auction, including a great Tris Speaker bat attributed to Game 7 of the 1920 World Series, and Al Kaline's last bat. Both are fresh to the hobby.

For Detroit fans, there's also the Dennis Clotworthy Collection of Detroit Tigers memorabilia. Dennis was a former Tigers batboy and author of "Al Kaline's Last Bat Boy." There are some pretty amazing pieces of Tigers memorabilia, including a bunch of great pieces right from Tiger Stadium - on-deck circles, outfield wall pads, signs, etc.

There's also a host of non-Tigers memorabilia, autographs, tough type cards, and the beginnings of a huge postwar vintage collection that we'll be offering over the next few auctions. And of course, some nice postcards and display pieces.

Please do check it out if you're so inclined: http://loveofthegameauctions.com/catalog.aspx