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04-24-2016, 10:58 AM
I've begun a collection New York Yankees 1967 Laughlin black and white world series cards and was wondering why the 1963 and 1964 cards are so expensive? Generally the price for the cards are 8-15 dollars but the '63 and '64 cards are $150. Any reason why? Also, the cards are a quarter inch wider than a regular baseball card so they don't fit into regular plastic card holder pages. Are there special pages that will hold these cards?
Denny Foster

05-08-2016, 10:35 PM
Hi Denny!

Looks like this post might have gotten lost in this category - probably more people familiar with this set would see it in the "Postwar Baseball Cards Forum (Pre-1980)" section. Those two cards feature Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle, which drives a higher price. I have seen very high prices for the Mantle, but have not seen the Koufax card at the same level. When collecting the 1967 set, you should also be aware that Bob did a couple of printings of the set - the original print run from 1967 that was very limited (about 300 sets) and then at least one other printing in 1974 that I suspect was around 1000-2000 sets. While all the cards are fairly scarce, the first print run cards carry a premium as well.

Good luck with your collecting! Feel free to drop me a message if you want any additional info!

Edit to add: I keep my 1967 sets in the 4 pocket postcard size sheets and push the cards down into a corner. (With the exception of the promotional 8x10 version of the 1905 card Bob made, which I obviously keep in an 8x10 sheet!)

01-06-2017, 04:49 PM
Do you have any info about the variations - one address line on back vs. two lines? Are they equally scarce? Thanks!