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02-18-2016, 11:16 PM
Here are the first nine pages of Card Collector's Bulletin #93, dated January 1, 1955, plus the last page with an editorial by Charles Bray. The front page has an article by J. R. Burdick about postcards, which appear to have been his passion in the mid-to-late 1950s. The bottom half of page 2 and all of pages 3, 4, and 5 are ads, including a bunch of "Wanted" ads, a bunch of postcards for sale, and somebody who wanted to trade 1933 Goudeys. Page 6 is a "News and Views of Collectors" article by Lionel Carter, including discoveries and updates on various sets and an account of Lionel's trip out east to visit Mr. and Mrs. Howard Paul and "Mr. Card Collector", "Jeff" Burdick. Next are the first three pages of that issue's auction, which include all of the N and T cards, with the sports cards on the third page. Prices realized are written in pencil for many of the lots, including all the baseball ones. A lot of 468 different T206s went for $12, and a set of all 48 T206 Southern Leaguers went for $9. I didn't scan the last six pages of the auction, which are mostly postcards, greeting cards, valentines, trade cards, etc., or the page giving the prices realized from the previous auction. Bray's editorial on the last page is interesting to me mainly for his account of a gathering of Philadelphia card collectors on November 27, 1954, and his announcement of another get-together at the house of Walt Corson on January 22, 1955.


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Thanks for posting David . Those guys were really into everything back then even postal stationery .

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I love early hobby periodicals. I have seen some collectors say they know the history of the hobby when it's really "baseball" they know of (which is great, in and of itself). But as you do also, I like the history of baseball card collecting. Thanks again!!