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02-04-2016, 11:54 AM
Hello all:

I have collected 1933 Goudey's with my dad over the past 20+ years. He first purchased about 80 Goudey's from a friend of his in like 1994. They included a few Gehrig's, and a few Ruth's. Some are duplicates, and we still need the red and yellow one. A few years ago, we decided to get serious and went to the National in Cleveland. We purchased an SGC graded Lou Gehrig #92 for that set that year. I have also personally purchased a high-grade SGC 1934 yellow Lou Gehrig on my own at the national.

So I have a few questions, none of which are pressing, but are always kicking around in the back of my mind:

1) Do we get the cards we purchased in 1994 graded/authenticated? From everything I read, I would not be shocked if in some non-determined time, literally everything authenticated before some particular date may need to be re-authenticated for anyone to have a piece of mind that it's legitimate.

2) Let's assume #1 never happens, and everyone continues in this sort of odd vacuum, and I have these SGC authenticated cards, are they just taken to be legitimate as long as the case never breaks? I believe 100% that it went through what the hobby deems "proper authentication channels", but it seems to me that even proper channels are grossly flawed. I bought mine at the national from a dealer that I've seen listed as "trusted" but then I read the forums the past week, and that "trusted" tag for anyone isn't worth the paper it's written on apparently. However, he's not the sort of guy that would break open a case after it's authenticated, and my hunch is he wasn't the one that got it authenticated originally. But how do I know it's not a Mastro "authentic" one, right? So, I'm 99% sure it's authentic, but that nagging 1%, how do you all deal with that?

3) Finally, let's say at some point I want to sell it. This is the irony of all ironies. My ebay account maybe has like 25 stars or so over the past decade. I have nothing to hide -- but it seems that the only way to gain trust that your product is legitimate is to use a big auction house, which <ahem>. Yeah. So, is there ever an out trade, a way in which I don't need to use these places, but still have it be deemed legitimate? How do you all trade off-market, or with trust? I have zero to desire to eventually help perpetuate any of the people/places on the document that was published last week.

I know this is a long post, but I don't know how else to express my questions/concerns.

02-04-2016, 12:19 PM
My opinions:

(1) If you know it's authentic, there is no need to authenticate it again. However for big dollar cards that you are planning on selling, you should get it authenticated. You may also want to get it authenticated, if you are worried that if you pass on, your beneficiaries may have no idea what they have and sell your cards for $1 each at a garage sale.

(2) SGC/PSA/Beckett graded cards are taken as legitimate as long as the case never breaks with a couple of caveats. The TPG's usually use standard processes to determine if the card is real such as black light test (I assume they are dong this), and so forth. The caveats are, they are still human, and even the TPG's can make mistakes. However, as long as they are in business, they will usually always guarantee the grade and authenticity on the card, and will refund you if they are incorrect (like insurance). Of course, if they go out of business, that guarantee is out the window. The second issue is that although TPG's are usually good a determining authenticity, they can make mistakes in the grade or detecting alterations/trimming. This is more common. You can see many threads on this forum asking how that card received that high grade with the paper loss or marks, etc. Therefore, you often still need to go back to the proverb: buy the card, not the flip.

(3) If you sell on ebay, you need to slowly gain a reputation. Otherwise, many buyers may avoid you. Therefore, as you start out, it would better to list the items via Buy It Now where your list price is around the going market price for that card. You will still get sales this way as buyers can see that your items are legit. If you do need the funds immediately, then probably the best way is to still go through an auction house or large consignment shop that has many more eyeballs for your items. However, as with anything at auction, it may fetch lower than you expect or better, depending on whether the right bidders see your items. Good luck!

02-04-2016, 12:46 PM
1. If you want to sub them to a TPG for piece of mind and protection you can never go wrong, unless of course you receive bad news back from them. For the low low price of free, however, you can post clear front/back scans here of the bigger cards and the board can give their opinion. There is a wealth of knowledge here.

2. Was stated well enough is the first reply.

3. It helps having high feedback on eBay, but in my experience clear quality scans, a good title, and a legible detailed (and sane) description work just as well. Steals and under the radar items are few and far between on eBay these days. If you post legitimate items with clear scans and honest descriptions the buyers will come to you for the most part, especially when the names Ruth or Gehrig are involved. If you do decide to sell one day, but don't want to handle it yourself, there are (despite the recent apocalypse) plenty of reputable auction houses that would love to have your business. Shop around and see which will give you the best deal.

Good luck, welcome, and happy collecting.