View Full Version : Lets see your 1937 Ciudad Trujillo Dragons-- Best Team Ever?

03-08-2015, 09:33 AM
I just picked up this action shot of Lazaro Salazar playing for the 1937 Ciudad Dragons in the Dominican "League." The team put together by the Dominican dictator as a vanity project to ensure that his team won the league may actually have been the best team ever (including majors) for a full season. The team had three U.S. Hall of Famers (Paige, Josh Gibson, and Cool Papa Bell) and a number of players who are Hall of Famers in various Latin countries including Salazar, Pedro Cepeda (Orlando's Dad whom many think was better then his son), Telto Vargus, Rodolfo Fernandez and Silvio Garcia (who is rumored to have been Rickey's first choice to break the color line). As well a number of other negro league stars like Cy Perkins, Sam Bankhead.

I realize that this team may not have had deep enough pitching to play a full major league season. But over 40-50 games has another team every had this much talent. Who would you take over them in a 30-50 game short season?

Also please show your Dragon's items-- and yes if this photo looks familiar it was clearly taken either a few minutes before or after similar image which is purported to be of Josh Gibson batting