View Full Version : Babe Ruth Baseballs for Sale or Trade!!

03-04-2015, 10:39 AM
There are 3 separate Baseballs, all are JSA authenticated

The first one has Ruth (3), Gehrig (6-7), Bill Dickey, Johnny Mize, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Allie Reynolds, Bob Feller, and Bobby Brown

The second one has Ruth (7), Ted Williams, and Rabbit Maranville

The Third has Ruth (7-8), Rollie Hemsley, Ted Williams, Marv Breuer, Charlie Keller, Frank Crosetti , Ken Sears,
Lou Boudreau, Billy Dickey, Bill Johnson, Ernie Bonham, Joe Gordon, Oscar Grimes, Spud Chandler, Bill Zucker, Johnny Murphy, Jim Turner

Looking to sell outright, or trade for older sports memorabilia (jerseys, bats, sticks, helmets, baseballs etc......no cards)
or trade and sell!!


03-04-2015, 10:59 AM
Good luck, welcome to the forum and please know that most Buys/Sells/Trades should go in the Buy/Sell/Trade Section (2nd icon from the left across the top of each page)..A few have been allowed in other areas but mostly they should be in that area, in the specific category for whatever it is..thanks!!