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01-01-2015, 12:23 PM
As I continue to grow my collection I stumble upon things... My newest query is regarding the minor leaguers. As I look over pop reports from sgc, it seems that there are considerably more cards with Hassan backs than with polar bear. I always thought that they were pretty much equal in numbers. Is this just a coincidence? Then as I have noticed over the last week on ebay, their listings seem to gel with what shows at sgc. Hmmm. My two ml'ers are both On another note, why don't I seem to be able to find many auctions for low grade short prints? Listings on ebay tend to be almost totally graded examples a little to rich for my blood?

01-01-2015, 12:56 PM
"why don't I seem to be able to find many auctions for low grade short prints?"

Answer: Because ebay has turned into a Buy it Now site. Doesn't matter T205, T206, or anything, look at the numbers. Just did a quick look at T205's. There are 2831 listings, of which, only 129 are auction format. That's less than 5% !!!!!!!!!! (Even a cynical old bum like me found that hard to believe). And of that 5%, probably well over half have a starting bid higher than reality would dictate.

Don't totally give up on ebay, but BST you will find better results. I know T205 doesn't get nearly the love of T206, but they're out there. Start a "Want/Looking For" BST thread (if you haven't already), and I guarantee you will have some level of success.

Good luck, great set, and doable, with time and patience.


01-01-2015, 09:25 PM
Ah...the two best and worst parts of collecting. Time and patience. There are a bunch of great collectors here and if you get he word out on what you are looking for, you will get responses for sure. Seems like a lot of us have T205 projects going. Best of luck to you