View Full Version : Starting lineup info....anybody got info

01-29-2014, 01:16 PM
Got a friend who has a starting lineup called "starting lineup elite" of joe Montana but it has a Brett Favre card with it. Anybody got any clue if it would be valuable? Any info is appreciated

01-31-2014, 05:42 PM
Dear Daryle:

I have both figures the small one $15, the 6.5 inch $40 value(less of the larger one were produced. If I was a collector of Montana and it had the Farve card in it. I would pay at least 50% -100 % more then the correct version. This is just me. If it was a Redskin player I would pay the above price. Hope this helps.I guess it's worth what a collector is willing to pay. The diehard collector would pay for the item within reason. Good luck


02-02-2014, 06:03 PM