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12-13-2013, 02:13 PM
Some of the dicussion on the topic I started yesterday regarding the "junk wax" era brought up a couple of new questions that I thought I'd solicit opinions on...

Watching the prices being asked and received on unopened product over the last 10 years, it seems that lately there has been a marked increase in the prices for 1975-1983 Topps. 1984 and 1985 have seen modest increases, but 1985 is still not anywhere near what it was during the height of the McGwire craze. I feel like the 1978-1981 Topps product has seen substantial increases, more so than the other years mentioned. Does anyone see any particular reason for this? I would guess that the slabbed card chase has caused more unopened product to be opened in the last few years than any other single case. People looking for those 9's and 10's.

It also makes me wonder what the long-term price range will be for this era of unopened product. Right now, 1970-71-72 racks are commanding enormous prices, almost all 4 figures. Wax less so, but it seems to be climbing. I would think that there are significantly less available unopened boxes and packs available from that period of time than there is from 1975-1980. That said, unopened racks from 1975-1980 seem to be steadily increasing in price; was less so, but it is climbing as well. I don't think that prices for that product will ever approach the price range being realized for unopened product from, say, 1960-1970, but I guess theoretically it could. With the supply dwindling daily, does anyone think that we will reach a point where unopened product from the 1975-1980 era is that much more difficult to find?

I for one have stashed when I could afford to, but prices are starting to make that more and more difficult. That, of course, along with the nagging trend of some unscrupulous folks to reseal packs.

12-13-2013, 05:37 PM
I have seen the same trend and racks and cello's seem to have benefited most. Clearly that is due to the fact that you lose two cards per pack when you open wax one to wax seal and one to gum. So if you are looking for 9's and 10's cellos and racks are the way to go. I began putting away unopened in 75 and yes as prices rose I have sold off most of my packs. But I had much more product 1980 onward, than I had from 75-79. So I believe that unopened from the 70's will continue to increase and is almost always a good investment. I don't buy much because I cant keep my hands off them and opening packs of baseball cards is still one of my favorite things to do,


the 'stache
12-14-2013, 04:39 AM
I'd be very leery, guys, of buying unopened cello and wax packs. If you search the forum, there have been countless discussions about fraud involving these.


It's pretty easy to open and reseal these things. I know there is at least one dealer who is highly regarded for selling unopened product (maybe somebody will chime in and refresh my memory), but it's just too easy to get ripped off.

Edit: I think it's Steve Hart of Baseball Card Exchange (http://www.bbcexchange.com/), but can somebody else confirm?

If you're going to go in this direction, make sure to educate yourselves. There are things to look for, especially in cello packs, that will help you detect faked packs. Letter sequencing at the bottom of packs. There have been exhaustive discussions about how cards were cut, and filled, as in "this player from 1978 Topps can never appear in this position in a rack pack because ______". Pepis is one member that has demonstrated a high level of knowledge about these things, though from what I have read, he has purposely submitted cello packs to TPGs for grading, knowing they had been resealed. He has also been accused of selling resealed packs to Net 54 members, though he has demurred when confronted with these accusations. His knowledge should not be questioned, but caveat emptor should you consider doing business with him.

Bottom line, just be very careful. Please. I want you guys to enjoy opening packs, but do so with the knowledge there are some underhanded people out there selling product that might not give you the shot at a '78 Eddie Murray, or '80 Rickey Henderson you are hoping for.

12-14-2013, 11:07 AM
I wonder if any of the 75s that just sold in the collect.com auction will come to market soon. That unopened case went for something like 63K. I would love to have a few packs from 1975. I just started on that set in high grade (birth year and have always wanted to do it) and I couldn't imagine the feeling of opening a pack from that era. Growing up, I put together an 84 Topps set with my dad from busting wax. Some great memories.