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Tests on this thread and in this section explore the results of posting strategies, such as scanned image appearance and scaling to be used elsewhere on the Forum. This is not BST and I would venture to speculate that the majority of "tests" in this section have value only to the "tester". The reason for the test need not be explained, and since there is no general value to the casual observer or lurker, it makes perfect sense to me that if the tester chooses to delete the results of his test after the results are obtained, so be it. If you have a desire to read the entire forum, go right ahead but if you concentrate only on posts in the Testing Section of the forum, do not expect to be enlightened.

If anyone wants further information about the test I performed, please, by all means, send me a PM so that I can avoid further abusive commentary regarding malicious bumping of a three year old thread or a desire to increase my post count, which is what it is, and should not be a concern of others.

The defense rests.

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Thank you for bringing this interesting 3.5 year old thread to the top.

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Making my post count higher one post at a time

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Making my post count higher one post at a time

me too