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08-05-2013, 11:25 AM
Hey guys. I have always liked soccer, but have never collected a single card. I would like to collect some vintage stars, but have a hard time finding cards to buy. Seems like the world of soccer cards is a wild wild west scenario. I did some digging in the other threads and found a few links, but as a guy who collects T baseball, it seems like these are difficult to find. Ebay doesn't seem to be plentiful with vintage soccer stars, but maybe I am wrong?

There are no published values to my knowledge, so it is difficult to say what is a fair price or not.

Are there tips some of you vets could help me out with getting my collection started? Sorry if this is a bunch of rambling, but was hoping to become less lost!

Thanks for your help in advance!



08-05-2013, 06:49 PM

Great decision to get in on the vintage soccer. Your timing could not be better! Type in "Pele Card" for your ebay search. You have some great value in the Pele Stella Cards that end in a days time. I would pick up the large and the medium size ones. I have bought from this seller many times and had no problems, great packing etc... They slide through because there is such a limited number of collectors, but these cards are a sleeping giant with the world cup coming up in Brazil. Just look at the few that have sold at auction. A 1962 Stella SGC 80 went for $380.00 in a PWCC Auction a couple years ago. A nasty stained one went for $210.00 last year in Huggins and Scott. You cant go wrong!

08-05-2013, 11:35 PM
I posted this on the psa board a few months ago anout potential Pele rookue cards. Don't take it as gospel... It's mostly data I collected from eBay and google and the psa pop report. The Titulares is the only one that I own. Hope the info is useful

1958 Alifabolaget. This is my pick I think. Its the close to a mini version of a traditional card and psa does slab it. It has good color and a pretty clear picture on the card for an odd ball item from 58. The ones on ebay usually have ridiculous BIN so I'm not sure what it usually sells for.

1958 Swedish Rekord- this is a hand cut card from some sweedish magazine. Its not common but its the least rare of any of the cards from 58. I'm not a huge fan of hand cut cards especially if there are other options produced the same year. Psa does slab this and the panel

1958 Editora Aquarela - psa has started grading these. they were produced in brazil and are pretty similar to a traditional trading card. There are 24 cards in the set and was issued in perforated sheets meant to be stuck into an album. Apparently there are 2 versions. A first pressing with black numbers and a second pressing with blue numbers. The black is supposed to be more scarce. Be careful of reprints of this set. They were reproduced in the 70s. The cards have additional writing on the backs

Reprinted uncut sheet
Reprint back

1958 Titulares (or 1958 AVE LTDA) - this is a good looking card IMO. Psa has started to grade this set. They are mislabeling them as handcut though. The following info was from an ebay listing... part of a 180-card soccer set issued in Brazil. 179 cards in total as #139 was not issued with the set and the set is considered complete without it, similar to the 1933 Goudey baseball set and Napoleon Lajoie). The set includes two cards of Garrincha, Gilmar, D. Santos, N. Santos, Pepe, Didi, and the rest of the World Champion 1958 Brazil World Cup team, plus two team cards with Pele in them.

1958 Edizioni V.A.V. Figurine Calicio - I know very little about this one. I just saw it on ebay and it sold for 550 bucks. Its blank back. It was issued out of italy. Psa also has started grading these.

1958-59 Quigol - this also produced in Brazil. Its a small color card. This seems to be the most scarce card of everything produced in 58. I have no idea what this would sell for. There is only 1 graded by psa. There has been a bgs 5.5 on ebay for 10k for over a year.

1958-59 Heinerle - This is definitely one of the more popular of his early cards. I think the only thing holding this back is the confusion as to when it was produced.. 58 or 59.

1964 Panini - I guess this would fit the traditional definition of rookie card. This is his first card that is a major release from a major manufacturer. There is also a Valida version of this card I believe. The panini are not common but nowhere near as scarce as the cards from 58.
This is all the info I have on these. Would like to hear what anyone else has to offer. This is one of the last big rookie cards I need for my none major sport rookie card collection.

08-06-2013, 05:18 AM
Big thanks to Ben and Eagles33 for the information. Those Pele cards are pretty amazing! I was able to score a card and some more tips from a fellow board member last night. Big thanks to Wake.Up.... as well!

I'd appreciate anything anybody else might want to share!



08-07-2013, 06:54 PM

Thank you for the kind words. What were you able to pick up?

08-09-2013, 11:46 AM

I am still in research mode for the most part. I did pick up a Thierry Henry RC and have my eye on a few others. I appreciate all the info in the Pele RC discussion. I sure would like to land a few of those. I think I am going to try to land cards of some of the early legends. I think the hunt will be a good time!