View Full Version : It is all Gone!

05-24-2013, 03:03 PM
Thanks for the many members here, many fellow collectors in the golf card community and the many other people who purchased cards from my extensive collection. I have kept s few Walter Hagen cards and some of my more modern stuff, but I have sold everything else!

The proceeds of my sales went to my house that we had recently built and since the sales were far better than I could have hoped, a large chunk went into my son's college fund.

I will likely get back into collecting some stuff, but won't likely pursue the chase of high grade examples. I will also still try to unearth some new material and offer some items here and on ebay in the future.

I have also had a few others contact me about selling their sportscards as they liked the website I had created for selling my collection. If you are interested in something similar, I can put you in contact with the person that did that for me, and the fees he has are very reasonable.

Thanks again, look to see you around the boards...and Happy Collecting!