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04-29-2013, 07:11 PM
I've been working on Ancestry.com for a little over 2 yrs now as I have found it to be somewhat easier on my wallet while providing me a reason other than window shopping to be on the computer. I have found some interesting information on some of my ancestors and distant cousins that are quite interesting. I have spent countless hours over at my grandmother's house going over her family pictures that I can include with my family tree. She is 85 and I was wanting to learn all I could on my ancestors before the memories are gone.

The subject turned to her remembering my youth while my father was in the Navy (Vietnam war). She recalled the times of her pitching me batting practice in her back yard as a child and having her mother (my great grandmother) catch fly balls in the outfield. I don't know how many baseballs were lost in the woods behind her house, but several years later, while developers were clearing the land for more homes, my grandmother would walk back there and she retrieved a plastic bag full of balls. While we were reflecting on that time, she mentioned that her father was a pretty good pitcher during his day. He pitched for the Phoenix Cheese factory in South Edmeston, NY and proceeded to show me a team picture from about 1910. I immediately made a copy and placed that in my family tree.

From there, we talked about how we would go down to the old Crockett Park and watch the Charlotte Orioles play. I remember that she made me some peanut butter cookies (she made the best cookies) to take one night and they wouldn't let me in with them. Boy did she raise a fuss telling the ticket man "so you aren't going to let a little boy in with his cookies." Needless to say, they did allow me that one time. We also talked about how she bought my first pack of baseball cards in 1978 and how I would sit at her table with my cards all spread out putting them in order. I told her that to this day, I still have that 1978 Topps Baseball set.

It was great watching her smile as she was talking about her past.

Sorry for the long winded email as I was only wanting to share the team picture of the Phoenix Cheese factory that my great grandfather played for as well as a picture of me sitting at my grandmother's table sorting through my stacks of cards.

My great grandfather is in the top row, 2nd from the left. This picture was taken around 1910.



04-29-2013, 07:49 PM
Very nice story and that's an awesome photo.