View Full Version : Post Auction House Links for Books, Art, Antiques, Comics, etc.

03-21-2013, 03:10 PM
Like others on this board, I collect many things, not just cards.

I'm always looking for interesting art prints and antique books (non-fiction mainly).

As far as memorabilia auction houses go, the big ones are fairly easy to name, REA, Heritage, Goodwin, etc.

What about others not related to vintage cards?

Would anyone like to share their favorite non-sports auction houses?

steve B
03-22-2013, 05:32 PM
Copake auction does general antiques auctions and at least one special bicycle auction a year. They're not bad, but I'm currently a bit mad at them and not bidding for a while.

I bid online for a few things in last years bike auction, and thought I'd won three or four. I called asking about an invoice and they said I hadn't won any. Apparently there was a "computer problem" that caused them to lose the bids for some period of time. And no paper backup!:mad:
The problem was confirmed by a few people I know who were there in person, but I still don't understand why they'd make a minimal effort at getting the online stuff back then simply continue for 50-60 lots till it got fixed. I know my bids were 3-4x the winning bid on the ones affected, and I didn't win any of the others. They left at least 3-400 on the table from me, and probably a load more considering how high the other stuff went for. The first one I'd bid on that had a problem sold for $40 with my max being 150. One a couple lots earlier that was similar went for around 300.

Steve B