View Full Version : For Sale - #1 Ranked PSA set, 1923 Cope Bros set

01-18-2013, 03:04 PM

Currently #1 Ranked PSA Set
1923 Cope Brothers & Co. Golf Strokes

I picked up the set from REA a few years back for about $5500 (including delivery).

It is an outstanding and tough set in this grade -
Featuring cards of Harry Vardon, Abe Mitchell, George Duncan, J.H. Taylor, and Edward Ray.

It is now the #1 ranked set on the PSA Registry.
And includes the highest graded card (only PSA 9) of all cards graded for the set in the pop report.

I am asking $SOLD delivered insured for the set.
First come first served, based on my judgment of who contacted me first.

Here is a link to scans of each of the cards

you have to put in a user name and password:
username: n54
password: n54

just a few examples -
http://www.internetville.com/images/albums/1923_cope/1923_cope19.jpeg http://www.internetville.com/images/albums/1923_cope/1923_cope08.jpeg