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Matt E.
10-31-2012, 05:24 PM
First, I only collect T205's.

It is only a matter of time before the T205 Gold Borders take off again with increased value! How many times do we hear of see in print the T205 Gold Borders are second only to the T206 in popularity? I guess that statement is made primarily for collectors. It must be true since we hear it time and time again.

I feel over time T206 collectors will grow frustrated not being able to complete the set and will naturally look to the a set they know something about. Maybe some will actually look at the T205’s as investment. Heck, non-collectors may even look at the T205’s as an investment and drive up the price. No body know what tomorrows collector will want.

Those who take a little time to investigate these beauties will discover the enjoyment and profit to be made with these down the road. What a great card for young collectors to learn. The set is easy to learn and master! Now is no time to flip unless you get a steal on Ebay or buying in bulk, if you can find them in bulk.

I don’t see the quality T205’s in large quantities on Ebay or here like I used to. This tells me the cards are either being hoarded / collected / obtained due to the “reasonable” price they command and being sat on. Quite a few closet collectors out there.

Joshua mentioned the several large finds of T205s…These were snapped up quite quickly because they are not on the market that I can tell. Maybe I am wrong.

Realistically, can a full set (not a Master Set) be put together today in midgrade or low grade within a reasonable period of time like one year? I think it would be difficult based on how much you would have to spend. It doesn’t really make sense to pay a healthy dollar amount for the remaining cards that are down in price. I know that makes no sense. The market has dried up somewhat however the prices have not caught up yet.

The cards are tougher to find than some may think. The real problem with the T205’s is once they become so gold border-less they really are unattractive where the very low grade T206 you can still see beauty.

T205's are a polarizing subject just like politics, but the economy will recover and so will T205’s. Ok T206 guys let me have it. T205 collectors get ready to throw your thoughts out there.

Matt E.

10-31-2012, 05:33 PM
I personally think this set is highly underrated. They are gorgeous cards, and I loved them to death. I still do not see why T206 is more popular besides maybe the backs and more variety of cards perhaps?

10-31-2012, 06:30 PM
Good topic, Matt,

I agree with the T205 sentiment and love the (few) cards that I have from my days of collecting Pirates, but having been mostly a T207 collector, I think T205 gets much, much more love... though still nothing near its big brother.

FWIW, seems that when a T207 thread (or B/S/T post) comes up, there are more crickets than replies. No sour grapes, mind you, just observations.

No hijack intended, just drawing parallels.


10-31-2012, 08:15 PM
I really like the t205's as well. In fact a t205 Merkle was the second prewar card I bought when I entered prewar collecting 3 years ago. Followed closely by a t205 Matty and filled out the Giants team after reading The Celebrant.

Then I completed the hall of famers subset (no variations)...

I do think they are beautiful, especially fond of the NL cards. Even though I'm a set collector at heart, I believe I haven't really considered working on the set because I have to have some "action" shots mixed in. All those portraits, for me may get a little tiresome. Maybe some day though - when I finish the 33 goudeys, t205 may be next!


10-31-2012, 08:15 PM
Bill latzko

10-31-2012, 08:17 PM
I agree Matt. My first "big" card I bought in the hobby was a PSA 7 T205 Johnson.....from the guy I introduced myself to for the first 7 yrs I knew him, my auction partner Scott B. Since that time I have always thought T205 is one of, if not the, most beautiful pre-war sets there is. If I had to collect only one set it might very well be T205. (I will spare you guys the scans, .....you are welcome) :)