View Full Version : ebayer peajay988paula: add to block list

10-22-2012, 04:14 PM
i had up a '76 topps nolan ryan psa/dna. he asked me if it was ok to return the card if he buys and doesn't like it. i told him he can return it within a couple days for any reason, but anything longer he'd need a legit reason (all minus shipping cost).

well he won the auction, the item was delivered on the 20th...and i just got a message today the 22nd "seeking refund/replacement because the case has been cracked", or he'd involve ebay a 3rd party for assistance. he's disappointed but cheers for my time and effort.

so yes you should block this asshole to save yourself some potential headaches like i should've done. he mostly buys/sells modern auto cards. i'm hoping he didn't pull a switcharoo on the card as i have a pretty good rep on ebay and will talk to CS if necessary.