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08-22-2012, 11:48 AM

So my HP 4100 takes a crap last night, everytime I try and print an order from E-Bay or a shipping label all it will do is print a test page. Printer/Scanner is 6-7 years old so I was due. Problem is its evening, I live in Rural Colorado, closest town is 15 miles away and only have Wally World or Office Depot as choices when I get there. So I go there and see nothing at Walmart, go to Office Depot and the cheapest HP's are $99-$120. No Go, I find a reasonably priced Epson, some brand new series for $69. Take it home and spend till midnight trying to get its software loaded, finally get it, go to print and tells me to click this button for a test print and spits out a blank piece of paper, so I go ahead and print an invoice, it prints an Invoice OK, but when I print a shipping label it acts like its low on Black Ink. Address of Buyer it scrunches and makes one line of Street address unreadable. The Scan Bar is missing lines, so I know the three labels I printed last night will not scan at Post Office, I'll just have to pray that they get there OK and the Buyers don't notice it.

On top of that problem.............................Then I go to check out its scanning charactistics....................And that's where things get all Fricked up !!

First thing my old HP you did the scanning from the Computor screen, this Epson you have all the functions in the Control Panel of the scanner and I can't even figure out where to go to find the scan after its scans a test Card! After it Takes 2 1/2 minutes to scan a Card...WTF...I do hundreds at a time and it takes me a couple of hours, this would take all fricking Day !!!


1. What the He!! am I missing on the Printing, it prints an Invoice fine but then scrunches the Label at the Absolute Possible Worst Spot, right on the address, like its on purpose!!
2. What am I missing on the Scanning, I mean 2 1/2 minutes, if that's the play, this will be going back in the Box to Office Depot tonight!!!!!
3. Where are my Scans...I look in my computor in MY Scans, and they are not there, but the scanner tells me it scanned and gives me no place to do any setup or modification, or as my HP would do because it was all on the Computor screen, it would let you look at the Scan and then you told it yea or nea!

It looks like this POS is going back, what should I do for a replacement, I can search today and actually have more access to other retialers where I work than at home!!

Please Help!!



08-22-2012, 11:14 PM

Do a Search for other scanner threads here---there have been several w/ good info.

One thing I know is you want a scanner w/ a CCD scanning element and NOT a CIS.

08-23-2012, 03:10 PM
I strongly recommend a flatbed scanner for scanning. I use a Microtek S400 and it works great. I use an HP (cheap) all in one for printing.....I don't mix the two. As suggested, there are a few really good threads on these if you do search on the board for just a few minutes. Good luck in the quest...and don't let it get the best of you!! :)