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07-31-2012, 06:24 PM
After setting in the dug out I decided to jump in the game. Hopefully I'll be an asset to the NET 54 team. I have been collecting cards off and on for 40 or more years. My main interest for along time was completing a 1933 Goudey Sport Kings Set. I had inherited the first half from my uncles, they had got them as kids when my grandfather would take a basket of eggs to the country store and trade for food items, if there was a penny or two left over they got a pack of gum. They apparent was the only kids in the neighborhood doing that because the had several cards, Sport Kings, 33 Goudeys and Some Boy Gum Scouting Cards. Along with the Boy Scout cards there was some 1928 Willard Chocolate Flags of the World Cards, also a set of Coca Cola Animal Kingdom Cards. This by no means was a Black Swamp Fine. Because when my Grandmother gave them to me in 1970 they was not worth much, I took them to school and traded several away to get more 1970 Topps Orioles. So out there somewhere there is a Babe Ruth Sports King with a rubber band mark across the middle, also gave my only Lou Gerrig to my first cousin, his mother gave all his cards away, Bye Bye Lou. So I completed the 33 Sport Kings set in honor of my Uncles and my Grandfather. I'm going to the National again to work on my 1970 Topps Set. Only need 181 cards to complete. All by the way I guess you will figure out that I'm originally from West Virginia, that was the location of the 1970 "Hygieia Dustless Chalk Box Find"


07-31-2012, 06:37 PM
Welcome aboard Mark. As you know you are among friends. I am a relative newbie to collecting at about 17 yrs (as an adult). I was speaking with a board member yesterday, who is mostly on the memorabilia side, and he told me he has been in the hobby (not just as a little kid) as an adult for over 50 yrs. He is 72 now. I feel young sometimes. Once again, welcome aboard and happy collecting.