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06-23-2012, 09:19 AM
This may be my sole contribution to this section of Net54, but let's see where it goes. Grading vintage material arguably has a value in the resale of more expensive items on the internet, whether the buyer keeps the card in the slab or not. Some might argue as well the grading of any card has a value in terms of Registry competition (Ugh) but I am not in that group.

In the early days of grading in the 90s, I presume there was a lot of false expectation in terms of what the future would hold for the value of modern graded cards. For example, Beckett alone has over 14000 graded examples of 1990 Donruss baseball cards in their pop report. Wow. Look at any set from the early nineties and the numbers of graded cards is staggering. I would venture to say that in the modern era well over 90% of the graded cards are not worth (in terms of market value) the cost of the grading, nor will they ever be.

And this continues. For kicks I recently bought a lot 8 of 2006 Score Football cards on Ebay (all graded 9 or 9.5) for $2.32. I threw them in a dollar box at a recent card show and sold them for $8. I felt guilty, and there are over 39000 graded cards from this set in the pop report.

I have argued against cracking slabs on the vintage board as my slabbed vintage collection has done fine without the ability to breathe and I have a lot of raw vintage as well in case I get the urge to feel some cards.

The volume of slabbed cards that aren't worth the cost of their plastic cases is staggering though. Isn't this ridiculous? I am posting four examples, one for each major sport.

Pujols - 2005 Topps Heritage - PSA 10, was added at no cost to another lot.
Leinart - 2006 Score Football - BVG 9.5, was purchased for $0.29
English - 1979 Topps Basketball - BVG 7.5, was purchased for $0.01
Wyman - 2010 Score Hockey - BVG 9, was purchased for $0.16
Four cards for 46 pennies.

These are examples of my JUNK SLABS

Let's see some more and what you paid for them. My apologies to purists who want this thread to be only baseball, but I couldn't resist and the topic is not restricted to one sport. I could include non sport examples as well.
Show me your junk, but don't touch mine.:D:D:D