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06-08-2012, 02:38 PM
I posted this in the general memorabillia section as well, but thought it was appropriate here too, so sorry for the dual posting.

I am doing some researching as I prepare to expand my collection to begin to include autographed bats. I have read through several articles and blogs in how to determine if a bat is a game model, store model or repro model by studying the markings, company logo and butt markings on the bat. A great article can be found here:


So I can tell what bats are repro's but I'm having some difficulty in determining if a bat is a game model or a store model.

Take for example:

According to the markings it's not a repro, so it's either a store model or a game model. The marking on the handle is W215 which I have found is a model that Williams did use. However I find it very difficult for this to be a game model (game model...not game used, I understand that difference) in the condition it's in, almost brand new. Am I missing something in analysis of this bat? Is this really a store model? The W215 marking does not seem to denote the bat's size as you would expect to find on a store model but.

This Williams is just one example I have found while browsing bats on Ebay, there are many others that seem to fit the game model description but again seem to be in too good of a condition and might be store model bats.

Can anyone help me out here and help me in being able to determine if a bat is a store model or a game model

06-08-2012, 05:12 PM
While the the link does not work (perhaps eBay removed it), it could have been a team index bat