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05-13-2012, 05:32 PM
This isn't a card, so if the moderators want to move this post to a more appropriate location I don't mind.

I have for sale a Chicago Sting jersey of former Sting and Manchester United star Gordon Hill. About 30 years ago, I wrote a free lance article about Gordon, who had played for the Sting early in his career (on loan from ManU) and at the time I met him, had returned to the States to play in Chicago for the Sting in MISL indoor season. After we taped the interview we started talking about "trading sweaters" with opponents after matches and he asked if I'd like one of his. I told him I'd be flattered to have one and gave him my address. Months passed and I had totally forgotten about his offer when out of the blue, one showed up in my mail.

The jersey comes with a nice, hand-written note from Gordon, who acknowledges that he read and liked the article that I had written. It is in his hand and bears his signature and will be included with the jersey.

The jersey is a road yellow (not the home black), name and number on the back and Sting logo on the front.

If you're interested, please send an email to rnovak14@wi.rr.com with a legitimate offer and I will send photos in return.

My Roadrunner account does not accept any gmail.com mail, so if you use gmail, please PM.