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04-13-2012, 07:06 AM

As said I am introducing myself, have read these boards occasionally over the years, just never posted.
Name is Neil, I know of lot of the names here due to either the CU boards or from either Buying from or Selling to on E-bay.

Collect Non Sports....Non Specific, I have an OCD, mine mainly manifests itself in a Rare (common here probably) variety I call "The Hunt". This variety manifests itself by being Obsessive over persuing/finding/aquiring something and then when "The Hunt" is over and I move into the "Possess" stage I lose interest in the item!!!

I am on Old dude and being Computer illiterate have focus issues and can only usually actively participate in one forum at a time.

Hope that I can occasionally contribute something here and get to know my way around!

Have a Great Day!


04-13-2012, 09:16 AM
Hi Neil
Welcome aboard. We had a pretty good time at the Net54 Dinner last year. I hope you and your son can make it again this year. Always good to have more collectors with us. I read the CU boards but don't post. A long time ago, several years, I registered but I don't think, at that time, Carol wanted me over there. I haven't registered again but think I could ask Joe O and he would let me over there. I am harmless and certainly have nothing against PSA or bash them. They do a good job overall. Once again, welcome to the board....and btw, I think I am older than you and I think you are very close to the average age on this board. (though our average has gone down a bit over the last few years). Kind regards