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12-04-2011, 10:45 PM
A few golf cards that I have for sale or trade. Many of you have dealt with me before either here or on ebay. I would prefer check or money order on these items. I will pay for priority mail shipping. All prices are delivered. In terms of trading, I am really only looking for 1914 Marsumas, 1924 Wills and 1930 wills cards that I need to complete my sets.

Let me know if something you like - PM is best

I enlarged the scans a bit so you could see the cards better...sorry the scanner resloution is a bit fuzzy on all of these....

Lady golfer from the 1931 Small set. My only Duplicate card at the moment. . - $16

I am always working on the F series 1902 Ogdens. These are WAY tougher than the 1901 Ogdens in my opinion. Grades of 4 are really nice for this issue. Here is TT Gray - $32


Snead Rookie card, has some corner mounting marks otherwise this is likely a PSA 6-7 card. It is super nice, and centered from this tough issue. $65


Another F series toughie. Richardson F243. Good luck finding these. $35


I will mix in a newer one since he was captain of the presidents cup. I upgraded my World Golf Hall of fame set to a PSA 10, so I have this PSA 9 available. $6

Ungraded French Trade card. Guessing from the 1920-30's but unsure of date. A bit oversized compared to other cigarette type issues. Sharp looking card, and in nice shape $15


Another recent upgrade from me. This is a J L Lowe - from the popular Ogdens I base series in 1901. $22

Another I base card of Horace Hutchison. Not as good of shape, but these have not been availalbe as much on ebay lately - $18

James Braid - one of my all time favorites. This is a nice 1902 Tabs PSA 4 - A tough card in this grade - $45


Speaking of tough, how about an even tougher F series Braid. #241. I have only ever owned 3 of these. $60

I bought this card and then found out that PSA will not grade it as they do not have any information on it. It is the same front card design as the Choclate Muerisse card found in the Price Guide to Golf Cards. This has an advertisement for Diamante Shoe Polish on the back and says "Diamante" on the front. Might possibly be a one of a kind card as I have never seen another one like this one. $225


Feel free to make an offer on anything you might be interested in. If not sold here, I will likely put on ebay sometime after the first of the year after the holidays.

Thanks for looking!


12-12-2011, 12:24 PM
Sold a couple of items, thanks for the interest! Cards are on the way if you have paid me.

I have lowered pricing across the board on everything that is left. If interested, shoot me a pm.

I also have just sold a number of Baines Golf Ball and Shield Cards. I still have a number remaining that are in grades ranging from PSA 1- PSA 6

These cards are old, and tough to locate in any grade. If interested send me a note I will likely add some scans later.

Thanks again Happy Holidays!