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09-22-2011, 01:42 AM
I picked off a 1934 Butterfinger Lou Gehrig off ebay recently. However, I noticed that the color seems to be different than most other Butterfingers that I've seen. The one I won seems to be more black/white, while the typical Butterfinger seems to be sepia. According to Old Cardboard and the 2010 Standard Catalog, there is only b/w. Is this true or are there two variations? (not counting the ad types of course). I guess it's possible that the sepia color is because the newspaper like paper stock is exposed to light, but wanted to confirm if that would really be true.

The card I won is on the left, and a "sepia" version which I do not own (but grabbed the picture off google) is on the right.

09-22-2011, 12:11 PM
Looks like you got a nice one that has been protected from aging.

And the other one from the google search may look worse because of the photo/scanning. The only one I've had looked like the one on the right, but it was clear that it was from aging.

09-22-2011, 12:35 PM
Not the best pic. but here is my Butterfinger Ruth which is still in a scrapbook ( the book was probably put together from the 1930's thru early 1940's). I seriously doubt it ever saw alot of light and the color is closer to sepia then b&w.

Lovely Day...

09-22-2011, 12:46 PM
I don't know if this is a different type, or if I'm completely reaching, but I saw this Gehrig/Ruth combo from an old Legendary listing: Link (http://www.legendaryauctions.com/LotDetail.aspx?lotid=27462)

This one seems to have "whiter" borders, but a sepia picture with better constrast. Again, it's possible these just went through the printing process better.

Chris Counts
09-22-2011, 07:46 PM
Is it possible that the scan of the "black & white" Gehrig was done in black & white? I know that sounds confusing, but sometimes when I scan something that's black & white but has a tint to it — like a Batter-Up — my scanner reverts from color mode to black and white mode because the scanner doesn't recognize any color. I end up with a black and white image, even if the card is tinted red, green or sepia. The same thing happens when I scan old black and white snapshots. I end up rescanning them in color mode so I get the sepia or yellowed tint ...