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03-15-2011, 09:09 PM
Is there any possibility the first row seat in the grandstand sections could be obstructed view? Specifically section 26 behind the visitors dugout. TIA

03-15-2011, 10:08 PM
Hey John,

The first row could be obstructed view - if you know the exact seat numbers, go to www.preciseseating.com, and it gives you a map of Fenway and all possible poles / obstructions. Many grandstand seats are often not marked as "obstructed view" but have support poles blocking portions of the field.


03-15-2011, 10:14 PM

steve B
03-16-2011, 10:55 AM
The first couple seats in row 1 are "obstructed" Possibly only the first is sold that way. Since the post is right next to the seat there isn't much obstruction. Leaning back you might not have a clear view of the plate, and the depths of the leftfield corner can't be seen from there.(or from most places on the 3rd base side. Since Fenway is small, you'll be much closer than a box seat in many other parks.
Nice seat!

It might be a nuisance if you go for beer or food often.

If you're not wearing some other teams apparel (Especially NY!) be sure to give the people in the last row of loge box seats some good natured kidding about paying $44 more to sit a couple feet closer.

If you are wearing another teams apparel, Just be quiet and polite and I'm sure everything will be fine. :rolleyes:
Actually Fenway is a lot friendlier for visiting fans. High ticket and beer prices and ejecting the really objectionable people has made it a great place for everyone. Part of me misses the old days, but some people today take it way too far and have ruined the heckling for the rest of us. One of the best baseball discussions I've had was with a Yankee fan who had a sense of humor. There was the usual "Yankees suck" stuff from others, and the usual reply of "X world series wins" When I replied that many of those came from a team that was built on Red Sox players the real fun began. And I do mean fun. I don't think eiter team- or baseball- would be what it is without the other. (New York held the mortgage on Fenway, so that's a good starting point)

Steve B

03-16-2011, 05:21 PM
Can't recall if there are poles specifically in the view of the 1st row, but there does seem to be poles all over the place that are obstructing views.

I'm a Yankees fan, but my entire family and most of my friends are "Sawx" fans, so I make it Fenway every now and then. Its a neat little stadium that has a lot of history. I poke fun w/friends that it only holds 10k people and half of that is standing room only, or that it has no rest rooms cuz fans just pee on the field, or the reason they have 19" flat screens in the grandstand area is cuz watching the game 30 feet away from a 19" tv is better than being at the stadium. But it really is a neat stadium. From the outside you can't even tell its a stadium cuz its mostly bricks, just looks like another warehouse building or something like whats behind Camden Yards. Many of the fans are just as content in one of the surrounding pubs as they are watching the game inside.

On a side note, I hear they are building a big HD screen in centerfield. Long overdue :)

steve B
03-17-2011, 10:57 PM
They built restrooms in the building behind the bleachers a few years ago. Actually one ENORMOUS restroom. The largest I've ever seen.

Anyone who never got to use the waterfall restroom before it got removed missed a real wonder of plumbing. Floor level trough, eye high tiled wall with another trough on top. Water just ran over the edge and down the wall continuously. Very wasteful, but efficient in people per foot capacity, always clean, and 0 splashback. I think it got removed sometime in the late 80's maybe early 90's :(

An HD screen? So that's what they're up to. My wifes company holiday party was across the street, and even at 11pm they were working. Had things pretty well disassembled. Sadly there was a lot of security too or I might have taken an unofficial tour. (And a brick or two);)

Old Fenway - Yankees rookie infielder goes into the 3rd base side stands after a foul. Exits crowd less the ball, his glove, and his hat. And in enough disarray that I'm pretty sure they tried for the Jersey too. The Umps got his glove back, but the guy with the hat ran off.

New Fenway - Jeter goes into the stands after a foul in almost the same spot. Makes the catch, but hits his head on a seat. And exits bleeding, but totally untouched by the fans.

Not saying which is "better" But yeah, things are different now.

Steve B
Steve B

03-20-2011, 10:36 PM
Here is my Uncle's seats. Section 26, row 4, seat 13. He has had these seats since the mid 70's. I have probably sat in them close to 50 times. You chould be okay. The pic is from these seats in Sec 26.

I love the seats. And just a few rows down, they pay a much higher price ;).