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03-14-2011, 08:53 PM
The Old Judge has his annual auction rolling, and some real nice Golf Cards. Here are pretty much the entire lot of golf card with some highlights and some commentary from me:

1. 1898 Harry Vardon Ogdens Cricketeers and Sportsmen SGC 50 - This one had a high start price but already has a couple of bids. A very rare card.

2. Group of Falkners Golf Terms and Clarke and Sons Sporting terms all PSA graded. - Not my bag personally, but these are very rare cards!

3. Group of PSA 1900 Copes and 1902 Ogdens Tabs - The Copes include #5- A Drive (PSA 5), #16 - An Anxious Moment (PSA 7), #17 - The Tee Shot (PSA 5) and #25 - J. Ball (PSA 4). The six Ogdens are highlighted by the Harry Varden "C" Series (PSA 4) and 5 cards from the Tabs series - Vardon Driving (PSA 5), a rare numbered 242-Vardon (PSA 4 MK), J. Ball (PSA 3.5), H. Vardon (PSA 5) and Ben Sayers (PSA 4). - A nice lot here with some toughies especially from the Ogdens series. I remember when I had the highest 1900 Copes set....ahhh the memories...maybe again someday....

4. 6 different PSA graded Rare 1901 Ogden Guinea Gold numbered variations. All are different and include 4 of the 6 known golfers. There are 3 with J. H. Taylor ( 2 PSA 7 and 1 PSA 5) each with a different variety of the "g" in Cigarettes. Also one each of Harry Vardon (PSA 4), James Braid (PSA 6) and Harold Hilton (PSA 6 MK). A rare group. - if you are the type collector this is for you. Two PSA 7's from this series are nuts, and you get all of the different Base series C, H, F and I. THe H and F series in my experience are ultra tough.

5. 1902 Ogdens Very rare F Series near set with 7 of the 9 cards, all SGC graded. Missing are F352 Ball and F352 Laidlaw. Includes #241-Braid (SGC 70 EX+ 5.5), #242-Vardon (SGC 70 EX+ 5.5), #243-Richardson #(SGC 80 EX/NM 6), #244-Gray (SGC A AUTH), F341 H. Vardon (SGC 20 FAIR 1.5), F353 (SGA A AUTH), AND F355 Hilton (SGC 60 EX 5). All of these cards have minimally an excellent appearance. - A $1000 opener here seems really high for two authentic grades and one 1.5 graded card, still the F series are a bit tougher but this would be a much better buy at half the start price

6. Two 1923 sets issued by Copes and B. Morris and Sons, both called "Golf Strokes". The better Copes set consists of 32 cards and features 9 different cards with photos of Harry Vardon, 7 cards with Abe Mitchell, 5 cards with George Mitchell, 7 cards with J.H. Taylor and 4 with Edward Ray. The set is vg-ex with most excellent or better. The Morris set is 25 cards and all cards feature illustrations and golf tips by Arthur Havers. The set is also vg-ex with most cards being excellent or better. - the 1923 Copes set is one of the most underrated. If it had Jones or Hagen it would sell for 5x what it does. Very rare in anything other than smoked condition. I have the #1 set and I am glad I picked it up when I had the chance.

7. 1927 Churchman set of 50 Famous Golfers. Tough set with sepia photos of small cigarette cards. Includes Two Bobby Jones cards, a Tom Morris and 3 Harry Vardon. Highlights: 27-Jones (ex-mt), 28-Jones (ex-mt), 33-Tom Morris (ex-mt), 44-47- Vardon (all ex-mt to nr mt); Balance: all ex-mt to near mint.
- another $1000 opener here, not sure you could grade a flip and make it back if you pieced it out, but if you want to buy and hold this looks like a decent set for the price.

8. Four very high grade PSA graded cards from the 1927 Churchman Famous Golfers (Small) including Jones & Morris. Includes # 1- J. Ball (PSA 7 (highest known), # 14-Walter Hagen (PSA 8.5), # 28-Bobby Jones (PSA 8), #33-Tom Morris (PSA 8). - would love the Hagen 8.5 for my own set and the Ball in PSA 7 is TOUGH. might be interesting if any set registry folks chase this one.

9. 1928 J. Millhoff set of 27 Famous Golfers. Very popular and difficult sepia toned photographic set. Featuring Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen, the set is virtually all near mint. The #20-Jones card appears near mint on the front, however, the rear has a slight abrasion or scrape (see scan). - Tough luck on the Jones - the star of the set. Will be interesting where this one ends up. I have not seen a decent raw set for sale for some time.

10. 4 PSA graded golf cards of Walter Hagan. Group is highlighted by a 1926 Spalding card (PSA EX-MT 6). Also a 1927 Churchman Famous Golfers #13 (PSA 6), a W512 very neatly cut strip card (PSA 8) and a 1945 Autograph Game Card (PSA 6). - First off, I wish people could spell Hagen's name correctly. Not a big fan of the Liesester game card, but still a nice lot. Especially the Spalding card. The $250 opener is one of the better deals in the auction as far as golf cards go in my opinion.

11. Two PSA 8 Churchman cards of Walter Hagan and Harry Vardon. Includes 1931 Churchman Sporting Celebrities # 33¬ Hagen (PSA 8) and 1931 Churchman Prominent Golfers (Large)¬ # 9 Vardon (PSA 8). - Not for me but two nice cards!

12. Two PSA Gene Sarazen graded cards including a 1932 U.S. Caramel. The U.S. Caramel was graded a PSA EX 5 apparently because of paper aging as the card appears much better. The second Sarazen card is from the Churchman Men of The Moment small set #31 and is a PSA NM-MT 8 - Might bid on this one just for the US Caramel....The MOM card at one time could sell for big money, the last one in an 8 went for about $75 though.

13. Group of 7 Early Harry Vardon PSA graded golf cards. The group includes two 1914 Marsumas #1 Vardonís Grip #4 (PSA 4.5), #35 (PSA 4), 1923 Golf Strokes Vardon #6 (PSA 6), a 1927 Churchman Famous Golfers - small #44 (PSA 7), a 1927 Churchman Famous Golfers - large #11 (PSA 6), a 1928 Millhoff #5 Vardon (PSA 8 O/C), 1930 Wills #22 Famous Golfers (PSA 7). - Would love to find a partner on this just so I could get the Wills Vardon for my set registry, there is another similar vardon in a later lot too...if anyone is interested in a deal like this let me know.

14. 6 High Grade Bobby Jones PSA graded golf cards. The group includes a 1927 BAT Whoís Who (PSA VG-EX 4), a 1928 Millhoff Famous Golfers #20 (PSA 7), a 1930 Sweetacres (PSA 5), a 1931 #5 Churchman Prominent Golfers (large) (PSA 7), a 1932 Wills Homeland Events showing Jones at the 17th at St. Andrews at the British Amateur in 1930 (PSA 5) and a 1935 J.A. Pattreiouex #19 (NM-MT 8). - The only thing here of interest to me is the Sweetacres, but still a nice lot.

15. Group of 38 diverse golf cards, all graded by PSA. Highlights are 4 T218 golfers (4s or 5s), 1914 Marsuma Braid, 2 1928 Churchman Large Braid (5), 1930 Wills Braid (7) and Vardon (7); 12 1939 Players (grades from 5 to 8, 1959 Fleer Williams & Snead (8), 12 1939 Player & Sons cards, 1951 Berk Ross Hogan (PSA 6), etc. Detailed list on request. - I have not requested a detailed list, but if someone does and wants to post it here that would be great. Again, would love to get in on a vardon Wills if anyone is interested let me know

There is also a lot under mixed sports that has The T227ís of Golfers Harold Hilton (good) and Jack McDermott (good) - both have some front damage and no back scans are provided. These are tough cards however and they also come with a bunch of others...should be interesting to see what this goes for.

All your comments are welcome. A really nice and diverse offering of cards from the Old Judge!