View Full Version : Golf Card Chatter - US Open Custom Set?

02-01-2011, 07:56 PM
Hey this is called a message board right? Thought I would bring up a couple of ideas I have had for discussion to see what any of you have to say. I will start with these two for now.

I have seen a few people on various message boards that are pretty freaking handy with photoshop etc. I would LOVE to have the skill and ability to create a set of golf cards that were of each of the US OPEN Champions since its inception. I am envisioning something that is just a black and white type of design etc. Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, gumption to do it? I would never plan to do this with resale in mind, and heck I even thought about trying to have auto cuts done into custom cards for each one...but the cost of some of the winners (Tiger, Jack, Ouimet and most of the old old ones) would be very cost prohibative, not to mention maybe close to impossible to get period.

Please post your thoughts etc here.