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Does anyone collect these? I was wondering because I saw a pretty cool one of my high school with a 1914 Schofield Barracks postmark. It got me thinking... are postcards worth less with cancelled stamps (from the stamp theory of philatelic value) or are they worth more since the cancellation mark (theoretically) would be an extra level of confidence in dating the issue?

I was initially planning to post this to the NS forum, but it really looks like they have three people posting there...

Many folks like the cancellations, as I do. As you said it gives more confidence and exact dating. Personally, I think it's crazy to downgrade a postcard due to it being mailed/canceled. SGC now gives notations to many true mfg marks on cards and doesn't downgrade them for it. Some day the postcards will catch up and not be downgraded too. In my opinion they should be graded like any other card and have a notation of uncanceled or canceled...

As far as collecting postcards in general? That is a very, very old and mature hobby. I go to a small local postcard show a few times a year. I am 49 yrs old and am usually one of the youngest, if not THE youngest, in the room. :o

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I just went to a postcard show down the road in Howell, NJ this past weekend with my father and a friend of mine - I think my friend and I (we're 42) were the youngest people there by a decade or so. As a side note, my wife won't go with me anymore due to, shall we say, "olfactory issues" with the other attendees at some of these shows.

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The aromatic concentration within is directly related to the number of occupied handicap spaces outside.

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more directly related to the number of cars outside packed with boxes of godknowswhat leaving room only for a driver

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steve B
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I wouldn't feel too bad about getting the better of a deal from a dealer with that sort of attitude.

I really like old postcards. mailed or unmailed they're a nice look at the past.
With values, it's not always clear.
There's the subject shown
There's the stamp used.
And the cancel on the stamp.

For a postcard of something you're interested in, like a school you went to $3 is about right unless the school is famous, or the card has some other special feature.

I've found some nice stamps and cancels on postcards at postcard shows and antique shops.

Schofield barracks? Another thing to look at is the content of the message on a mailed card. most are the usual wish you were here sort if thing, but you do find some interesting ones. With schofield barracks being the cancel I'd look to see if the sender was military and if I recognized the name. content dated dec7 or 8 1941 could be interesting as well.

Some nice postcards I've seen were
A postcard of a prison sent to a judge with literally "wish you were here" and mailed by an inmate.(I think I bought it, but I haven't looked at the postcards much lately)
A postcard from Bermuda, mailed by Happy Rockefeller during her honeymoon.
I know I bought that one - from a $1 box!

Fascinating stuff out there if you keep an eye open.

Steve B

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Shimozukawa: Where you wen' grad?
This high school postcard with Duke Kahanamoku and Schofield Barracks cancellation for $1.75 (if I've got the story straight) sounds like a winner. Any chance you can post scans?

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He said (and this is pretty much verbatim -- of course it was 16 years ago) "You damn gook. Stop trying to rip me off!" Mind you, I was just saying "The other vendors are selling theirs for $1.75, but I think yours is real, so I want to buy it. How much is it?" He said "$3?" I said "$3???" (I was expecting closer to $10... again, I had no clue on pricing those days.)

Had I been of Oriental persuasion the bigot would have lost me and my business with that comment.

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How the heck did you get that?

The Schofield postcard is a different postcard than the Duke one. And, I can't post scans since I supposedly donated the postcard to the school... but those bastards have no record of it, so I don't know what happened to it.

To clarify, I have/had two postcards: the Duke one... and one of a building on campus. The third postcard (from one of the carnivals) was stamped 1914 from Schofield... and is $50 on eBay. I decided to pass on it.

[Edit: I forgot to answer the school question. Because of the HCE methodology behind the query, I assume you're talking about my secondary education. I attended Mid Pacific, in that case.]

I attended Halawa High so my reading comprehension skills are not the best. Thank you for clarifying things. Nice to know there's another vintage collector from Hawaii. Not a whole heck of a lot of us.

I think anybody that would employ the expression "you damn gook" to a local kid had to have been either deranged or suicidal. Completely beyond the pale in Hawaii, if one knows what's good for one.

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Uhhhh...Can't we all just get along?