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Maybe it was only in a ledger or some ephemera that had no other historical significance? I do agree that cutting up documents is destroying history, but if it wasn't an important document then I don't think I have a problem with it. It's no where close to a real Cobby bat splinter-card. :o

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I think the Napoleon card is pretty cool, though with all the sawdust, etc stuff floating around, I wonder what is the weirdest "memorabilia" card out there. I'm pretty sure I've seen some hair cards where there was a piece(s) of the person's hair...

01-21-2011, 05:09 PM
The Nap's kinda nice. Like many of you, I don't mind these as long as it didn't come from a significant document. What I hate the most about these is that they're just slapped together 90% of the time.... I'll just link some horrible examples.


The Lincoln on this page is just atrocious.

The first Lincoln here is only the last name. WTF...No room on the card, I guess we'll just lose the first name...

Anyways, we've all seen examples of an auto being attached to the wrong card. Or even WORSE, autopens and secretarials being attached to these cards...

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From what I've been seeing, the grading companies for the most part have been passing all the cut signatures from packs, unless there's signs of tampering. It's extremely lazy on their part to assume that the card companies weren't being lazy with their own initial authentications. But then again, I don't think the grading companies are lining up to be the first to call out the card companies for their negligence.