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10-02-2010, 10:46 PM
I know this topic has been raised with baseball collections, and Leon, if you want to move this to Boxing section, please do. I know there are a lot of collectors who dabble in boxing cards, and I'd like some opinions.

Few points:

1 -- Bottom line, I need some cash. My hours got cut at work, and have some bills to pay (funny my mortgage company didn't cut my loan).
2 -- I did not find these cards in grandpa's attic, all were purchased by myself (and I realize I am going to take a hit, investment wise).
3 -- I am NOT here fishing for buyers (I've dealt with many of you), just want opinions.

I was going to go the old BST/ebay route, but after looking at the entire collection, I was wondering if I should go the auction house route. Either in one big lot or individually. There are some big auctions coming up in Nov./beginning of Dec. (but I kind of need money now).

This is what I've got:

E76 -- American Caramel -- Complete 20/20
E77 -- American Caramel -- Complete 24/24, plus 1 caption variation
E79 -- Phila. Caramel -- Near complete 18/21 (need Fitz, Jeffries, Johnson/Cole)

T218 -- Mecca/Hassan -- Complete 153/153 (condition all over the place)
T225-2 -- Khedivial -- Near complete 24/25 (missing Willetts)

W512 -- Near complete "master" set -- 15/16 (missing Dempsey ex-champ)
W515-1 -- 7/10
W515-2 -- Complete 10/10
W551 -- Complete 10/10
W529-1 -- Complete 10/10
W529-3 -- Complete 10/10
W529-4 -- 8/10 (with Dempsey)
W529-7 -- 8/10 (with Dempsey)
W519/521 (rare) -- 19/20 (missing Kilbaine, plus 5 reverse poses)

1921 Exhibit Postcards -- Complete 58/58 (no wrestlers)

Both 1910 E-unc Jeffries and Johnson strips

Peter Jackson Newsboy

So nearly 400 cards total -- nothing rare and collector grade. But some value.

Opinions ???????????????

Thanks, Scott

10-03-2010, 09:08 AM
If you have an idea on what you'd like to get (and it sounds like you're being quite reasonable, knowing you may not get 100% of what you paid), I would say try the BST here for starters.

You won't have to pay the eBay fees, and it can't hurt.

I know that I for one would have interest possibly in some of the E cards and the T225's, so I will watch for any listings from you.

Good luck,

10-03-2010, 09:24 AM
I would definitely avoid the 'one big lot' route. I just don't think you'll get your max value out of them that way. Some really nice stuff--especially if condition is decent. I think your BST/ebay route would be the best.......

10-03-2010, 10:51 AM
Lot them the way you just listed them.

Pick a price and go w/the BST 1st, then try ebay (listings are free until January, BTW, so you can set your openings).

Sell me your W519-521 Decalcos... :D

10-03-2010, 03:57 PM
I thought some auction houses gave cash advances on some collections.

10-03-2010, 11:30 PM
Lot them the way you just listed them.

Pick a price and go w/the BST 1st, then try ebay (listings are free until January, BTW, so you can set your openings).

Sell me your W519-521 Decalcos... :D

Listing are free until January???
Since when?

10-04-2010, 04:57 AM
i've listed a few items the past week...both auction and fixed listings, wasn't free for me.

10-04-2010, 08:52 AM
I received an email from Ebay a few weeks ago that said auction listings were free from September 28-January 7. I posted several items over the weekend; all listed for free at varying starting prices:

Start at any price
Pay only if your item sells
FREE Insertion Fees for Auction-style
listings through January 7
List even big ticket items--start the
bidding where you want
Cash in selling on eBay

D. Bergin
10-04-2010, 11:05 AM
I don't think you are eligible if you purchased one of the Ebay store plans they forced on us a little while back.

10-04-2010, 01:30 PM
As one other person mentioned some auction houses out there do front you the cash but its like 25% of "auction trends". You have a lot of early 20th century sets here so I would sell those as lots. I would even go as far as to say the UNC-Candy set in complete. I would go the BST/Ebay route at first. And yes it is free to list at any start price right now. Good Luck and contact me if you decide to sell I saw a few items in there :)

10-04-2010, 06:07 PM
Exhibitman - do you have an ebay store?

10-05-2010, 12:13 PM
Exhibitman - do you have an ebay store?

Nope. I don't have the time to list enough stuff to maintain a store. I sell through my web site and through Ebay when they do freebie listings.