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07-27-2010, 02:47 PM
Not sure if any of you are interested in starting into the World Golf Hall of Fame registry on the PSA site. I just upgraded a BUNCH of cards from a former #1 on the registry site person who decided to sell off their set.

Most of what I upgraded are SI for kids, etc but I think I would have about 25-30 of the cards in the set available if anyone is interested in starting into this set. It is a fun an ecclectic set with some cheaper cards, and some that are pretty darn tough.

Let me know, I could work out a deal that would be graded cards for about $10 a piece on most of them.


08-30-2010, 03:28 PM
Here is a list of what I have available after my upgrades, a few of these are not HOF cards, feel free to make me an offer. What I don't move will likely find it's way to ebay in awhile.

1926 Spalding Champions Walter Hagen PSA 2 - RARE card
1948 Kellogg's Pep Sam Snead - PSA 5 (cracked case) tough card!
1914 Marsuma W.J. Travis PSA 5
1927 Churchman Famous golfers #39 Jess Sweester
1934 Gallaher Densmore Shute PSA 8
1935 Mitchell & Son Lawson Little PSA 7
1952 Wheaties Marlene Bauer PSA 8
1952 Wheaties Patty Berg PSA 6
1968 American Oil Julius Boros PSA 4 (real toughie)
1928 Millhoff A.G. Havers PSA 7
1927 Churchman James Braid #7, PSA 7
1931 Churchman W Campbell PSA 7
1928 Millhoff Dorothy Pearson PSA 7
1900 Copes Keep your eye on the ball PSA 7
1990 Pro Set Bob Charles PSA8
1990 Pro Set Billy Casper PSA 9
1990 Pros Set Chi Chi Rodriguez PSA 9
1991 Pro Set Charlie Sifford PSA 9
1992 Pro Set Bob Hope Hologram PSA 8
2003 Upper Deck Juli Inkster PSa 8
1992 Si for Kids Pat Bradley PSA 8
1993 Si for Kids Amy Alcott PSA 6.5
1993 Si For Kids Kathy Whitworth PSa 4
2004 Upper Deck Beth Daniel PSA 9

I will also be listing some other raw golf cards and a bunch of graded and ungraded Ogdens in a few weeks

11-21-2010, 07:37 PM
Feeling better afterl my cancer treatments earlier this spring and summer and finally getting around to selling some of these and some other stuff. If anyone is interested let me know. I will likely be putting on ebay anything I do not move by the Sunday after Thanksgiving.


11-28-2010, 04:23 PM
sold 5 items off of this list. The graded cards will all start on ebay for a week later tonight. If you are working on a world golf hall of fame set or want to start one, it is a nice chance to get a good start.