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12-11-2009, 05:32 AM
For Sale a collection of Jack Dempsey Autographs

On a 2 x 3 card addressed to Boxer Johnny Grifith
"To my little friend Johnny Griffith
Best Regards Jack Dempsey 2/20/31" $170.00 obo
Jack Dempsey on a Radio City Music Hall Program $130.00 obo
Jack Dempsey on a Jack Dempsey Resataurant Menu $200.00 obo
8 x 10 Frammed Photo of Jack Dempsey signed in Pencil "Best of Luck Jack Dempsey" $200.00 obo
Jack Demspey Restaurant post card signed by Jack Dempsey $60.00 obo

Prices include shipping. Any questions please email me at

I have 5 other Jack Dempsey Restaurant Postcards signed by Jack Dempsey the scans available upon request $60.00 each signed postcard.