View Full Version : Scans of HRKs needed

07-29-2009, 12:40 PM
Since I collect just catchers in the HRK set, I decided to compile a vitual library of scans of all the cards in the 1912 Home Run Kisses set.

I have more than half already. If anyone has scans of any of the following players, I would love a scan for my library.

Scans needed of the following players:

Ables, Agnew, Altman, Brashear, Carlisle, Cheek, Coy, Doane, Fisher, Gregg, Henley, Hosp, Johnson, Klawitter, Kreitz, Leverencz, Malarkey, McArdle, Metzger, Noyes, Olmstead, O'Rourke, , Parkins, Patterson (Oakland), Powell, Price, Raleigh, Rogers, Schwenk, Sheehan, Shinn, Slagle, Swain, Tiedman, and Zacher.

If anyone would like a scan of a player in the set, I will be glad to email a scan if I have one.

Thanks in advance,