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07-23-2009, 11:13 AM
I have some nice 1920s-1930s available that I don't have the time to get scanned and onto my web site right now, so here they are:

1928: Al Brown--green front, coupon back, ex $35

1928 blank back: Kid Francis, yellow front, ex or better . Note that Francis was a Jewish fighter who was killed in Auschwitz. $35

1928 blank back blue front: These are tougher to find. Andy Martin ex $35

1928 blank back, 2 sided color stock: Also tougher to find. Gorilla Jones (2009 IBHOF, African-American; I don't know of any other career contemporary cards of him) red front and back, ex w/foxing on 2 edges $50

1928 blank back, 2 sided color stock: Frankie Schoell yellow on both sides, ex $20

1928 blank back, 2 sided color stock: Bucky Lawless, yellow on both sides, presents nicely but has a pinhole at top and 4 digits in pencil on the back. $10

1925 Harry Wills: good condition. $40

1925 George Godfrey (2008 IBHOF) tough first exhibit card, possibly a rookie card if you don't count the 1923 Wesley Andrews, Inc. souvenir cards sold at Jack Dempsey's training camp, where Godfrey was a sparring partner. This one is poor, with rounded corners, a crease across the middle, a little writing (2 letters) and back damage from album removal. A nicer one sold on Ebay a few weeks ago for about $120. $30

As I have time to scan I will do so and post them on my web site as well.

Terns: $4.80 for priority mail shipment, paypal OK from verified addresses. First come first served w/reservations. Note that I won't be answering things during the Nationals. If you want the cards and are going to be there, LMK and I will bring them for you to CLE.