View Full Version : UD Golf for sale + 3 vintage PSA cards

04-02-2008, 12:08 PM
Posted By: <b>Dave Johnson</b><p>Hey guys.<br /><br />I sold most of my collection to one collector (at least the vintage stuff) I do have the following for sale<br /><br />1928 Men of the Moment small TP Perkins PSA 7<br />Archie Compston PSA 7<br />George Duncan PSA 7<br /><br />Asking $25 per card delivered on these.<br /><br /><br />I also have the following complete Upper Deck sets. I might as well sell them as well. <br /><br />2001 UD<br />2001 UD SP Authentic Complete except no tiger rookie /900<br />2002 UD<br />2002 UD SP Authentic<br />2003<br />2003 UD SP authentic<br />2002 SP game used<br />2003 SP games used<br />2004 UD <br />2004 UD Sp authentic<br /><br />I do have a couple of other sets too, but I will have to dig them out to be sure.<br /><br />I may be missing a rookie or two in some of the basic sets but I do have a lot of great sets with auto and games used rookies including Mickelsons 2002 cards<br /><br />If anyone is interested let me know. I would prefer to move the whole lot to one person, All cards are in softsleeves and toploaders.<br /><br />I will likely get back into just selling vintage golf in a few more months, but for now time to clean out the rest of the closet.<br /><br />ENJOY THE MASTERS NEXT WEEK<br /><br />Dave<br /><br />